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Ensure that you make the right first impression with potential employers. Having a strong cover letter that explicitly and precisely addresses the requirements of the specific role you are applying for can be the difference between securing an interview and being passed over. A well-worded, relevant cover letter draws attention to your résumé and can help to expand upon accomplishments or qualifications touched on in the résumé, helping to better position yourself in the job market.

At 1300 Resume, we have extensive experience preparing cover letters for Australians applying for roles across all industries and all jobs levels from graduates to CEO's. Portraying a strong communication message, we understand the keywords that recruiters are seeking from applicants in their specific field, ensuring that your first point of contact with a potential employer is impressive and relevant to the job role.

Helping you make a strong first impression
Our team of talented writers have helped thousands of applicants to secure career-advancing opportunities across all industries including healthcare, education, mining, information technology and finance. We are adept at adjusting our approach to different fields, tuning the specifics of your cover letter to speak as clearly and persuasively to industry figures as possible. Our company's overall 98.5 per cent success rate confirms that our bespoke approach achieves exceptional results, regardless of the client's specific goals or requirements.

We have worked with clients applying for entry and mid-level to managerial, executive and technical roles, ensuring that whether you wish to transition into new industry or are looking to better market more than a decade of experience as progress to a role with greater responsibility, we can support you.

Make the right choice for your career
As well respected and competent industry leaders, 1300 Resume has the diverse experience you need to help you secure your dream position. Select our multi-talented and versatile team the next time you are looking for a new role and get in touch with us. Wherever you are in Australia, you rely on our skills and in-depth industry knowledge to deliver your desired results.

1300 Resume are trusted by over 10,000 Australians since 1995. We are proud to be Australia's top-rated resume service.

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