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Professional Résumé Writing Services for almost three decades, Tailoring CV's to Your Desired Career Objective

Entry & Mid-level

Step confidently into a new industry, or take on a more commanding role with help from our writers. Let us present your skills and accomplishments in the most persuasive way possible.

Management, Technical & Legal

Position yourself to take on greater responsibility, or market your specialised skills and qualifications in a way that’s relevant to recruiters and potential employers with our professional expertise.

Senior & Executive

Our carer specialists have extensive experience producing impressive documents for accomplished executives seeking high-powered roles and sought after positions within leading organisations.

Our Reach

At 1300 Resume, we offer a comprehensive suite of professional services designed to assist individuals in achieving their career aspirations. No matter your industry or level of seniority, our team is well-equipped to help you stand out in the competitive job market. Elevate your application above the rest by leveraging our exceptional resume, cover letter, and selection criteria writing services.

With an extensive understanding of what employers seek and decades of collective recruitment experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you effectively showcase your experience and achievements. Our resume writing services cater to roles ranging from entry-level positions to executive positions, providing you with the tools to advance your career and unlock opportunities for substantial growth and development.

Having worked with clients across Australia, we take pride in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to craft their own success stories in both the corporate sector and public service. With over 10,000 satisfied clients who have secured interviews and job offers, we are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.

Monique Thompson

As the Director of 1300 Resume Pty Ltd, Monique plays an integral role as a Senior Résumé Writer, Career Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator. With an extensive array of industry experience in résumé writing and the recruitment industry, Monique has been supporting clients in advancing their careers since 1995. Alongside her capable team at 1300 Resume, they have helped clients secure interviews and job offers throughout Australia, achieving an impressive 98.5% success rate. Registered as an Australian company, 1300 Resume has developed an exceptional industry reputation and achieved unprecedented business growth.

Recognised as an award-winning service provider, 1300 Resume has been consistently appraised by recruiters and clients alike for their exceptional quality and dedication to client success. Their services have garnered praise for their effectiveness in helping individuals stand out in competitive job markets. Additionally, Monique's expertise and insights are highly valued by government departments and leading recruiters, further solidifying 1300 Resume's reputation as a trusted authority in résumé writing and career counseling services.

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